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Who We Are

The Salvation Army, founded in 1865, is an international religious and charitable movement organized and operated on a quasi-military pattern and is a branch of the Christian church. Its membership includes officers (clergy), soldiers/adherents (laity), members of varied activity groups, and volunteers who serve as advisers, associates and committed participants in its service functions.

What We Do

Our personal agency services Whitfield,Murray, and Gordon Counties. Our offices are able to assist in rent, utilities, prescriptions, food, clothing, and disaster relief, to the extent of our resources. As well as helping families try and get back on their feet with our transitional housing program. Some people even if we cannot help still feel better about their situation after they have talked to the Officers or social worker about their problems, sometimes having someone listen is enough. We also invite people to get back into church and if they do not have a home church we let them know we are a church and would be glad to have them. During the week our food centers serves on average 200 families a week in food and other personal items that may be available.