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Who We Are

This summer, we witnessed our youth lead by example with the Dalton Area Project. Now that fall is approaching, let us follow their example and turn our attention to Be The Church!

Be The Church is a community outreach program, led by Christians, inspired by the example of service that Jesus portrayed throughout his life. Our focus is to lend a helping hand while establishing roots within our neighborhoods and in the hearts of those we serve.

For years, our church has provided volunteer time and funding to community partners such as Friendship House, RossWoods, City of Refuge and many others. We aspire to cultivate deeper and lasting relationships by not only giving back to the staff of our community partners, but also by assisting the individuals with whom they serve.

Beginning this month, Christian volunteers will be hard at work laying the foundation for a community-wide display of Faith in Action which begins Friday, September 23 and ends on Sunday, September 25. Become a part of this living movement to connect with your church, your community, and your God.

Don’t go to church. Be The Church!

To volunteer or to find out more about our community partners and projects please click the links below.

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